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Telangana Peoples Association of Dallas (TPAD) is a community-driven organization committed to making a positive impact in the Frisco, TX area and beyond. With a strong sense of social responsibility, TPAD has been actively engaging with various organizations and events to contribute to the well-being of the community.

One significant collaboration TPAD has established is with Carter Blood Care, a prominent blood donation organization. Together, they have hosted multiple successful blood drives in Frisco, TX, creating opportunities for their members and the local community to give back and save lives. The members of TPAD have demonstrated their extraordinary generosity by wholeheartedly donating blood during these drives, thereby helping to address the critical need for blood in medical emergencies.


During these blood drives, TPAD members have not only given their valuable blood but also displayed a spirit of compassion by serving free home-cooked meals to those who donated. This thoughtful gesture not only nourished the donors but also created a warm and caring atmosphere, emphasizing TPAD’s commitment to community support.


Aside from their involvement in blood drives, TPAD is actively engaged in a diverse range of events aimed at uplifting those in need. In one such initiative, members from TPAD came together and dedicated their Sundays to run a food drive at a local food bank. The food drive was a testament to TPAD’s strong unity and collective effort, as they worked diligently to collect essential food items for distribution to the less fortunate.

By participating in these events, TPAD showcases its dedication to social welfare and its mission to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals facing challenges. The association’s involvement with various charitable endeavors not only demonstrates their commitment to service but also fosters a sense of community among its members.

TPAD’s collaborative efforts with reputable organizations and active involvement in community-based initiatives exemplify the true spirit of altruism and social responsibility. Through their collective contributions, TPAD continues to be a beacon of hope and compassion, enriching the lives of those they touch and inspiring others to join them in making the world a better place.